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Motorists are guided to the most appropriate exits from the main roads. The Verkeerscentrum Vlaanderen provides indications on the signs leading to the region Oudenaarde – Kluisbergen – Ronse. Signs show the way to the free shuttle parkings and buses.


Where can you park on the day of The Tour of Flanders?

From the exits and the N60 the cycling fans will be directed to the public car parks where they can take the free shuttle buses to the visitor’s zones.

Free shuttle bus service

more info soon.

Go to the final of the Tour of Flanders by train

A weekend ticket will take you to the ToF at half price. There are free shuttle buses at the railway stations in Oudenaarde and Ronse to take to the fan zones. In Oudenaarde they stop at the back of the station.

Plan your trip from station to station with the NMBS routeplanner

Take your bike to go to the race!

If you want to cheer on the riders at different locations, take your bike. Choose one of the local cycling routes starting from the centre of Oudenaarde. Bike parkings are available, but you need your own padlock.
You can also download maps for your GPS or just print them.

available soon.


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